Anyone (The Moog) Gitártab és Akkordok

A The Moog – Anyone című száma 2007-ben jelent meg a Sold For Tomorrow elnevezésű albumon. A dal hossza több mint 5 perc. Az együttes tagjai 2004-ben kezdték el a közös zenélést, majd később bővültek két újabb taggal.


     The Moog: Anyone

   H - Gism 4x

1. versszak.:

H            Gism
Would it be better
H         Gism         
If I was fit and hired?
     H          Gism
Or just like today
H              Gism
I would stay sick and tired
   Cism    Fis
And torn apart
Cism    Fis           H
By the sins of yesterday

      H - Gism 2x

     H            Gism
You know I'm not like that
H          Gism
I'm just acting the fool
  H       Gis
Until you're amused
H       Gism             Cism      Fis   Cism
I can kill and hide the truth from you
             Fis       H    H7
And keep on falling apart

Refr. 1:
         H  Gism  Em           Fis
Is there a - ny - one who can blame me?
H  Gism  Em           Fis
A - ny - one who can save me
     H     Gis   Em
From yesterday?
         Fis             H   Gism  Em
And from all the mistakes
That I always make

2. versszak.:

You know that I can
But somehow I'll never try
Is it worth to be here,
If I already know that it won't satisfy
Just like a white lie

The war is over
But where is my peace then?
Something is missing
But it's too tiring to understand
The real reason of that

Refr. 2:

Is there anyone who can blame me?
Anyone who can save me
From yesterday?
And from all the mistakes
That I always make

Anyone (The Moog) Gitártab és Akkordok

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