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I dont’ know how to love him (Jesus Christ Superstar) – Gitártab és Akkordok

D  G =   D = D9= D   G    D
I don't know how to love him
G        G6-Gmaj=G  D    A
 What to do how to move him
            D    A             D    A
I've been changed yes really changed
         F#m       Hm            F#m     Hm
In these past few days when I've seen myself
   G -  D    Em- D   A9 A
I seem like someone else

I don't know how to take this
I don't see why he moves me
He's a man he's just a man
And I've had so many men before
In very many ways
A=G =  D = Em7  D 
 He's just one more

G                    F#7                      Hm
 Should I bring him down should I scream and shout
                    G                  D
Should I speak of love let my feelings out
          C          G         D G           D    Em  A9 A
I never thought I'd come to this--what's it all about

Don't you think it's rather funny
I should be in this position
I'm the one who's always been
So calm, so cool, no lover's fool
Running every show
He scares me so

G  F#7  Hm  G  D

I never thought I'd come to this--what's it all about

Yet if he said he loved me
I'd be lost I'd be frightened
I couldn't cope just couldn't cope
I'd turn my head I'd back away
I wouldn't want to know
He scares me so
I want him so
I love him so


I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE HIM (Jesus Christ Superstar) – Gitártab és Akkordok

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