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No reply (Beatles) – Gitártab és Akkordok

This happened once before
When I came to your door
No Reply
G                     C
 They said it wasn't you
                     D7          G
But I saw you peep through your window
G             Em Hm           Cmaj
 I saw the light, I saw the light
Hm                   Am7
 I know that you saw me
                      D7        G 
'Cause I looked up to see your face

I tried to telephone
They said you were not home
That's a lie
'Cause I know where you've been
I saw you walk in your door
I nearly died, I nearly died
'Cause you walked hand in hand
With another man in my place

           G      H7           E 
If I were you I'd realize that I
         Am        C          G 
love you more than any other guy
             G        H7       E 
And I'll forgive the lies that I
         Am            C            G 
heard before when you gave me no reply

I tried to telephone...

      Em Hm     Cmaj G9|
No Reply, No Reply

NO REPLY (Beatles) – Gitártab és Akkordok

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