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April come she will (Simon & Garfunkel) – Gitártab és Akkordok


G C-G G  C-G        G C-G
Ap___ril  Come She Will
Am                Em        Fmaj         Em  
 When streams are ripe and swelled with rain;
C D       G    Em
May, she will stay,
Am       Em    Am     Em   G C-G G C-G
 Resting in my arms again.

June, she'll change her tune,
In restless walks she'll prowl the night;
July, she will fly
And give no warning to her flight.

August, die she must,
The autumn winds blow chilly and cold;
September I'll remember.
A love once new has now grown old.

APRIL COME SHE WILL (Simon & Garfunkel) – Gitártab és Akkordok

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