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Memory (Cats) – Gitártab és Akkordok

 A                            F#m
Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement.
 Has the moon lost her memory?
 She is smiling alone.
In the lamplight
the withered leaves collect at my feet
         E E -  D       A
And the wind begins to moan.

Memory. All alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days,
I was beautiful then.
I remember
the time I knew what happiness was,
Let the memory live again.

C#m    C#m - Hm    C#m     C#m - Hm
Every street lamp seems to beat
  C#m  A- H   E    
a fatalistic warning.
C#m     F#m7           H7         Emaj
Someone mutters and a street lamp gutters
    C#m     C#m- F#7 H    
and soon it will be morning.

Daylight. I must wait for the sunrise,
I must think of a new life
And I mustn't give in.
When the dawn comes
tonight will be a memory too
And a new day will begin.

F  Dm  Bb  Am  Gm  Dm  C C-Bb F

 Am       Am - Gm  Am    Am - Gm
Burnt out ends of smoky days,
     Am         F -  G7  C    
the stale cold smell of morning.
     Am7        Dm7            G7      Cmaj
The street lamp dies, another night is over,
  Am    Am- D7  G    G7
another day is dawning.

 C                        Am
Touch me. It's so easy to leave me
 All alone with the memory
 Of my days in the sun.
If you touch me
you'll understand what happiness is.
         G     G-F     C 
Look, a new day has begun.

MEMORY (Cats) – Gitártab és Akkordok

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