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Frank Mills (Hair) – Gitártab és Akkordok

C                   G                Am
I met a boy called Frank Mills on September twelfth,
       F                C
right here in front of Waverly,
    Dm7          G7               C
but unfortunately, I lost his address.
C                          G
He was last seen with his friend, a drummer;
     Am                      F
he resembles George Harrison of the Beatles,
        C                  Dm7   -    Dm7=G7      C - F C
but he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back.

  Gm7  -   C7         F
I love him, but it embarrasses me
   Dm7      -     G7          C
to walk down the street with him.
    Em   -  F#m7       H7  -   E7
He lives in Brooklyn, somewhere,
     A7    -    D7          G  - G7
and wears this white crash helmet.
        C                  C7
He has gold chains on his leather jacket
    F                C
and on the back are written the names,
 Em         Am                F    C
"Mary" and "Mom" and "Hell's Angels".

C                G                Am
I would gratefully appreciate it, if you see him,
 F        C                       
tell him I'm in the park with my girl friend,
     G4/7 G7
and please tell him
C          G                Am           F -
Angela and I don't want the two dollars back,
 G7   C 
just him.

FRANK MILLS (Hair) – Gitártab és Akkordok

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